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   Transform Farming Equipment to Intelligent Robot with AI  

Why farming is still so labor intensive today?

  • Machine without intelligence damages food and brutally reduce crop yield.

  • Rigid machine has poor flexibility therefore cannot fit your operation.

  • Heavy duty machine with poor intelligence damages the infrastructure and generate unbearable repair cost.


We build AI brain for the farming equipment



AI equipment controller using camera only to precisely control the equipment like a robot


- heavy duty electronics proved in production


- AI and robotic software ready for automation


Camera ONLY

We keep our solution simple and reliable. Only cameras are used. 


Designed for hydraulic and pneumatic system

Farming equipment use hydraulic or pneumatic system. Our automation system is designed to work them.

Our Customers

- We have provided mechanization solution to the largest commercial growers and equipment manufacturer in the world.

- We deeply understand customers' operation and provide the practical AI solution.


Example case one: pruning

Grape pruning is a highly labor-intensive and costly operation.

Beagle's AI pruning solution brings hundreds of dollars labor saving to customers, still keep good food quality and no infrastructure damages.

Example case two: shoot thinning

Shoot thinning remains widely manual because of machine's poor accuracy. 

Beagle's shoot thinning solution controls the thinning brush to automatically hit the best location, only remove unused shoots while keeping the grape clusters.


More solutions are coming ......

Customer testimonials


Paul Buwalda, Vineyard Manager at TWG - "Beagle Technology provided an innovative mechanization solution and great service to reduce our labor needs. They are a trusted partner in the path to mechanization."

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