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Cut 90% Labor with AI powered Mechanization 

Why there is so little mechanization for labor intensive farming?

  • Poor accuracy of the machine makes low-quality food.

  • Current machines cannot adapt to your farm because of poor flexibility.

  • Low intelligence of the machine makes a lot of damage to the infrastructure.


We use AI and robotics software to transform traditional farming equipment to mechanize with unseen accuracy, flexibility and intelligence. 

Beagle Technology's Solution

Camera + AI

We understand farming itself is already overwhelming. So when we build our product, we keep it simple, reliable and easy to set up.

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Our Customers

We work with some of the largest commercial growers in the world. We work side by side with them to understand their operation and solve their problems. We are farmers' trusted partner to mechanize the operation and reduce manual labor.


Application one:

Pruning is the first application of our product. Traditionally, pruning is highly labor-intensive and costly.

With Beagle's pruning technologies with cordon tracking, customers have seen hundreds of dollars in labor cost saving per acre and the possibility of no hand follow-up.

Application two:
shoot thinning

Shoot thinning operation today remains widely manual because the equipment cannot adjust for the crop shape change and ground variation. 

Beagle's cordon tracking technology controls the thinning brush to automatically hit the best location, to remove shoots while keeping the grape clusters. Customers have decided not to do any hand clean-up after using our machine, resulting full mechanization.



A production-proven technology with real labor cost saving numbers

There are 3 major reasons why you should work with Beagle:

  1. Proven
    hard-number proven cost-saving

  2. Reliable
    our product is designed for rough agriculture environment

  3. Flexibility
    work in different trellis system, work for different crops

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